31 Mar 2020

Spring on Lake Garda

Spring on Lake Garda is a very special time when you can stroll along the promenade whilst the first spring rays of sun warm your face...


As spring reaches us, we start sleeping with the bedroom windows open as we are lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves which can be so peaceful in the evening. As morning arrives the sounds become more energetic for a lovely gentle awakening, although sometimes, however, the opposite also happens!

We also begin to hear the chirping of birds as they perch on the terrace tables, joining us for breakfast. Sometimes following guests in the garden as they enjoy the peaceful surroundings, reading a book or newspaper, often accompanied by a canine friend. After breakfast, you may wish to go down to the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun from one of our sun loungers. Spring-time on the Lake offers lots of things to see and do: 


A boat trip to Sirmione along the entire Brescia side: from Gargnano Villa Feltrinelli  residence of Mussolini to Gardone Riviera with the “ Il Vittoriale degli Italiani” and the “Botanical Garden of Andre’ Heller”  until arriving in Salo’ with the “Isola del Garda” up to Sirmione with the Romanesque “Grotte di Catullo” and the Scaliger Castle


Brenzone offers many paths and walks which are ideal for all ages . Just imagine : the Lake at your feet , the olive groves surrounding you, seeing the varieties of  orchids unique to the area, seagulls overhead…. It is so easy to get lost in nature and find serenity and energy. Walking slowly, savouring the scents of nature, enjoying all of the natural and endless beauty .


A ride of  the 15 km long Promenade that runs along the Lake from Castelletto until past Malcesine . Through the town of Cassone : here the famous artist Klimt painted the picture “ The Church of Cassone “ Klimt actually stayed in Tremosine between July and August 1913, entranced  by his views of the Church of Cassone through the telescope. 
In the same year Kafka also visited the Lake. 


Brenzone sul Garda with its 16 villages is an enchanted place well worth visiting . Castelletto, Biaza , Fazor,Campo, Magugnano, Marniga , Porto, Assenza , Castello, Sommavilla, Pozzo, Borago, Boccino, Zignago, Venzo, Prada. All these villages  are unmistakable because they look like nativity scenes with their stone arches , wooden doors, churches, stone streets and mule tracks . There are enchanting squares, geraniums on balconies, with the scent of fireplaces in the air.
They can be visited on foot or by bicycle alternating the truly beautiful landscapes that are unequalled worldwide, in fact they actually belong to the group “ Borghi piu’ belli d’Italia “ (the most beautiful villages in Italy)


We are introducing a more regional cuisine theme on our menu and you may wish to treat yourselves to a candlelit dinner on our private pier, enjoying excellent local food and fine quality wines, served by Francesca and Eleanora with the “Magicofgarda” as the back drop to your romantic evening.

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